Reasons Why Faith Communities  Should Become Involved in Substance Abuse Issues
and Mental Health Issues

1. In times of trouble, many people turn to their faith community first for help.

2. The faith community has a responsibility to serve all people.Therefore, they must become knowledgeable on substance abuse issues and mental health issues and the importance of developing healthy life-styles and life-skills.

3. Places of worship are the only care giving institutions that have access to half of all American families each week, making them an excellent place for prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery.

4. Addiction is a family disease and the faith communities minister to entire families from birth to death.

5. Faith communities can be an essential “ambassador” to bring the individual who have mental and substance disorder back into society.

6. Faith communities can provide a much-needed bridge of healing between the many individuals and his/her family, or provide a family-like environment – something many of these individuals have never experienced.

7. The faith community is a vital element of the larger community and the prevention and early intervention of addiction needs to involve all segments of society.