Value Statement
Respect: we are committed to seeing the whole person without judgment and regardless of their current circumstance as we work to toward their goals.

Forgiveness: God’s grace daily allows us to get up and dust of shame and regret thus allowing us the privilege to be made new and provide new beginnings with self, family, friends and faith. 

Compassion: we recognize that our goal is to provide personal relationships and commitment to those in their wellness journey by being understanding, open minded and honest in building a bridge of trust.

Trust: we are committed to building bonds by strengthen our abilities to see worth, reliability, and surety in each other and each other's journey through recovery.

Non-judgment: we recognize our willingness to show up and be accountable to self and others and allowing ourselves to be exposed to love without feeling devalued for our journeys.

Recovery: we find worth in commonalities and differences in recovery efforts thus realizing this as a lifelong process to explore our past and embracing our future with new commitments, challenges, conscience, and opportunities for self discovers.

Hope: we acknowledge the mustard seed of hope is present in our lives releasing its spiritual powers with each step we take in our relationship to our faith, community, family, and friends, and self. 

Honesty: we are committed to be open, positive, and virtuous attributes no matter the situation.  Our honesty is in our integrity, truthfulness, loyalty, fairness, sincerity, and straightforwardness with self and each other.

Support: we are committed to provide quality information on services delivered by health care providers, community organization, and religious institutions to promote awareness.

*The Sankofa bird looking back while preparing to move forward.
*The Sankofa bird looking back while preparing to move forward.
Self Care in the time of COVID
When: 07/17/2020 at 10 am - 11 am
Where: Virtual - Zoom
United States

Contact: Bernard Warren
Dr. Erin Richardson, Clinical pyschologist will discuss self-care in the COVID19 Pandemic.  How to take care of yourself and family.  Strategies for care.